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Brandon Carinha – 2016

Brandon Carinha was born on November 16th, 2004. He is the middle of three siblings; an older sister and younger brother. Brandon was diagnosed with autism just shy of his third birthday. His speech was delayed, eye contact was minimal, and his focus and attention varied. As he entered his school years, it became clear that academically, Brandon was behind his peers.

Today, Brandon’s autism revolves around difficulty recognizing social cues, understanding certain academic skills, and dealing with transitions to change.

Brandon is an active participant in the CAN Swim and Hockey programs and he recently participated in his first-ever hockey tournament this April, alongside his CAN teammates. The confidence Brandon has built through his participation in these programs is something he carries forward into other facets of his life. CAN has enabled Brandon to think and feel outside the boundaries that autism can often create.

Brandon’s family is beyond honoured to have Brandon recognized  as the 2016 Champion Child and are so grateful to West Coast Fishing Club, Fishing for Kids and the Canucks Autism Network for this opportunity. Fishing and the love of the outdoors have been a part of Brandon’s life since he could walk. The opportunity to explore the waters and culture of Haida Gwaii through the Fishing for Kids Tournament will be an experience that he will remember for his lifetime.