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Christopher Ure – 2014

Christopher Ure was born on March 3, 1999 and was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. As a young boy, Chris displayed severe meltdown behaviours and struggled with communication. As he got older, Chris’ meltdowns diminished greatly, yet his language remained limited. Intellectually, Chris is at a much lower level than typical kids his age; however, he has an exceptional memory that manifests itself in unique ways. While Chris is generally quite happy, he can become highly anxious when faced with new experiences and challenges.

Christopher is a very loving individual who likes to be around people and loves to be by the water, whether bobbing in the waves, or building sandcastles on the beach. Chris also enjoys drawing, Lego, and watching YouTube videos, however, CAN programs are the best part of his week. Although his language is not strong enough for him to communicate the latter, his enthusiastic behavior reveals his inner contentment. Chris has participated in a variety of CAN programs including soccer, basketball, spring and summer day camps, family events, and various social programs. Even though new skills don’t necessarily come easy to Chris, he gets a lot of satisfaction from practicing them, and when he is successful, the pride on his face is obvious.

While the Fishing for Kids Tournament will be a new experience for Chris, he and his father, Dave, are both excited for the weekend. As the 2014 Ledcor Champion Child, Chris will have the opportunity to try something new, spend time with people, and be by the water, all things that bring him great joy. Chris’ parents are grateful to Ledcor, West Coast Fishing Club, Fishing for Kids, and the Canucks Autism Network for bringing such happiness into their son’s life.