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Dylan Andre – 2017

Dylan Andre was born on October 4th, 2004 and is the youngest of three boys in a sport-loving family of five. When Dylan turned two, his parents, Heather and Lance, began to notice that some-thing was different. Initially, they concluded that Dylan was deaf. But soon after, they discovered that his challenges were associated  with autism. According to Heather and Lance, the first few years after receiving Dylan’s diagnosis were filled with overwhelming stress, isolation, and heartbreak. “It was like we were living in a tornado,” recalls Heather Andre.
Dylan had very minimal speech and no avenue to communicate his emotions or frustrations. Dylan was also a huge flight risk, often bolting from situations without warning, with no under-standing of safety, boundaries or rules. His behavior made participating in school, especially gym class, next to impossible.
In 2010, the Andre family discovered the Canucks Autism Network (CAN). At five years old, Dylan joined CAN’s soccer program and began to experience the joy and comradery of playing a team sport. Over the years, Dylan has participated in CAN’s skate, basketball, bike, and overnight camp programs.
Today, at twelve years old, Dylan’s speech remains limited, but he is now able to participate in gym class thanks to the confidence and skills he has developed through CAN programs.
The Andre family is eternally grateful to the Canucks Autism Network for enriching Dylan’s life, and to Wheaton Precious Metals and the West Coast Fishing Club Fishing For Kids Tournament for providing Dylan with this once-in-a-lifetime experience.