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Nicholas Siqueira – 2012

Nicholas was born on August 21, 1996 at Chilliwack General Hospital. He began to show signs of autism at the age of two. As he got older, Nicholas continued to display a limited ability to focus and also struggled with verbal communications and social interaction. After increasing frustrations at school, at age seven, Nicholas was fully evaluated and misdiagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Nicholas’ limited social skills remained throughout elementary school as he attempted to participate in typical childhood sports with minimal success or enjoyment.

Nicholas was finally accurately diagnosed with high-functioning autism at the age of eleven, by the team at Sunny Hill Health Centre. His family immediately began exploring support programs and soon discovered the Canucks Autism Network (CAN). It was then that doors finally started to open for Nicholas.

Nicholas and his father Edmund were thrilled with their invitation to the Fishing for Kids tournament and are endlessly grateful to the Canucks Autism Network for their incredible programs and continued support.