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Travis Meyer – 2009

Tsawwassen, BC

When Travis Meyer was born, August 19, 1994, he was diagnosed with a double hernia. At only six weeks old, he was brought to BC Children’s Hospital for what would be his first of many surgeries. Travis was soon diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a congenital disorder where fluid accumulates in the brain, causing him to need a shunt inserted. Although shunts are life-saving tools, they can also cause many complications.Travis underwent 16 related surgeries, nine of which were required  from his body rejecting the shunt.

Travis’ condition is life long and he will depend on a shunt for the rest of his life. However, the expertise and compassion of the staff at BC Children’s Hospital have helped make his experience bearable. This remarkable 11-year-old represented BC Children’s Hospital at the Fishing for Kids Tournament. Although Travis has many challenges, he doesn’t dwell on them. He’s too busy doing his homework, playing sports, and beating his best scores on his favourite video games.