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This year was my 4th FFK Tournament, having been a charter member on the inaugural tournament in 2006. The fact that we were on a mission to raise funds for BC Children’s Charities was incentive enough, but that we were on a fundraiser AND fishing, how good does it get?

It was back to Cohoe Point for me. With still one and a half days left of tournament fishing, wham, here we go! One eye on the Spring and the other on the look out for sea lions, I get the fish to the boat and into the safe hands of the weigh boat crew (note this is a catch and release tournament and the weigh boat crews are your best friends and do an absolutely incredible job). A “38 plus pounder” comes the report over the radio. That was good enough for first place but still so much time left, it was anyone’s trophy!

Despite the other anglers gunning for me and Brian Legge pulling in a competing fish just an hour or so before lines up, it carried the tourney and held the Grand Prize spot and good for the $200,000 first prize. It was such a thrill to win but even a bigger thrill to be able to donate the prize money back to Fishing For Kids knowing it will benefit two such worthy causes.

Each year the tournament invites a Champion Child and their parent, compliments of Ledcor, to the tournament for a trip of a lifetime. Getting to know these kids and families on a personal basis is truly an uplifting experience and a great leveler. This year Griffin and his Dad, Alex joined us, and invited us into the day by day life of their family and a child with autism. One learns very quickly, that those of us who are fortunate to go though life without these life changing challenges, we really, really don’t know what a bad day is. The smiles on Griffin’s and Alex’s faces, …..priceless!

It is an incredible event for two very, very special charities, one that us miners in Vancouver have been very strong supporters for years. This year was the biggest and best ever raising $826,000 an incredible amount of money.

So back to Cohoe Point, this year it was Spring 1, Sea Lions 0. Will I be back next year?
You bet, and I hope you will be there too.