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WOW! How can I describe what an amazing experience it was to participate in something as personally rewarding as the Fishing For Kids Tournament. Being part of a group of people so committed to helping out others is quite frankly an inspiration.

The tremendous hospitality extended by The West Coast Fishing Club was first class all the way – from the champagne upon arrival to the delicious meals and the truly exceptional service provided by their staff, clearly led through example by Stephanie, Clubhouse dining manager. With so much special attention, we all truly felt like royalty!

I had never done downrigger fishing before! So you can imagine my (and everyone’s) surprise when we landed the big one in our boat.

Only 90 minutes before the end of the tournament, something hit my line and hit it hard! Kenny yelled, I jumped and was on the rod in a second. This fish was definitely different than any other fish that we had come across.

This is where having good teammates was invaluable. Kenny was on the engines maneuvering the boat to keep the fish from going under, and Stan, my fishing partner and Region Manager at SimplexGrinnell had to physically hold on to my back to keep me from toppling from the strength and unpredictable pull of this monster. After about 25 minutes, we finally managed to get it in close. Not wanting to risk losing it, Kenny reached WAY out of the boat with the net and nabbed him – WELL DONE KENNY!

Once the weigh boat confirmed our winning entry, we took some great pictures and commenced celebrating – but not before we let the big fish go for another day. The catch and release nature of the tournament is right in line with the giving spirit of the entire event.

At the end of the day we returned to the lodge for the evening’s celebration. The presentations were amazing, and having Ledcor Champion Child Nicholas Siqueira and his father Edmund join us for this event reinforced just how worthy a cause we were benefiting. Landing the trophy fish was fun, but being able to donate the winnings and participate in raising $1,000,000 for Canucks Autism Network is without question, one of the highlight experiences of my life!

Looking forward to next year!

Mike Abbey – Electronic Sales Manager
Simplex Grinnell, A Tyco International Company