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The first year of the Fishing for Kids tournament I went as a guest of SMS one of the original sponsors. I had been fishing in Langara many times so I knew the fishing would be great but had no way of knowing how much better it would be in a charity tournament at the West Coast Fishing Club.

I remember sitting in a boat on the first day of the tournament; it was raining hard and bitterly cold. I was discussing the something I will never forget, “It is all for the kids”. That one remark really stuck and I continue to believe it.

Since the first year I have become increasing more involved with the organization of the tournament and Ledcor the company I work for has been a consistent sponsor and supporter.

I think it was especially meaningful when we had the chance to sponsor the Champion Child and his father to come to the Lodge and talk about the ordeal they had been through and the great care they had received at Children’s Hospital. Another time, it was an autistic child and his father that were receiving care through the Canucks Autism Network. Both of these organizations are providing world class care and assistance to the families and they could not do it without help from the community.

The Fishing for Kids tournament has evolved year after year and is now in the league of the biggest and most famous tournaments in the world. We have raised a substantial amount of money for the BC Children’s Hospital and the Canucks Autism Network and we have created a wide and diverse group of friends that all enjoy the same goals for great fishing, great dining and great stories all year long.

But the best thing is “it is all for the kids”.


Scott Lyons, President
Ledcor CMI Ltd.