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All of my years of rubbing Guinea have finally paid off. Everyone was telling me it was too late to fish Guinea for the big hogs…well, who has the last laugh now?

I think the largest fish in the last four years was in the mid 30’s. The funny part was, we were down at Guinea and everyone else was at Coho/Andrews because there were fish there…all cookie cutters around 20-25 pounds, but we were there to catch the big fish. Anyway, when a fish is caught everyone has to radio in and announce it with the area it was caught and everyone who knows Langara and fishing knows that Guinea is where the hogs are caught. There was a stillness, a quietness across the water even though we were 5 miles away. Then first measurement came in and they could probably hear our screams all the way up north. We did not have any camera boats because not many boats were fishing Boulder/Guinea. We did however get one photo, but it’s not great since the fish rolled towards me a bit. The only boat around was Stan Smyl who was close by so I could rub it in. Anyway, it was about as perfect as it could be because I was leaving Vancouver for LA for the season.

I have been a part of the Fishing for Kids Tournament for 4 years and it’s an event that remains close to my heart. It is so great to be able to help give back to the kids and families in BC while doing something I am so passionate about. I really felt honoured to win the event and donate $169k back to the province, the people, and in essence the organization (CAN) that gave so much to me. It felt like it was a gift I was able to give them to thank them all for that they gave me during my 4 great years in Vancouver. It was really quite a special moment!

A little background on how I got involved with the event. I have been going to WCFC Clubhouse for quite some time, taking my parents, family; I even had my bachelor party at Outpost. Brian asked me to be a part of the event to help increase awareness and I jumped at the opportunity. The synergies were perfect, and I have been lucky that no one close to me has passed of a specific illness or disease so I had not yet aligned myself with a specific charity. It was a perfect fit! Brian deserves a ton of credit for all the work he does to make this event possible and for helping to raise the large sum we have so far.

I plan on being around as long as the event is around. As I said before, it’s my chance to give
back and I feel so fortunate to be able to do so. Vancouver is home and always will be so it’s nice to continue to be a part of this! Really looking forward to this year…


Willie Mitchell – Florida Panthers Defenseman